PROTOTYPES is on 24/7 view beginning from December 21, 2017



Admission to PROTOTYPES is free. Access is only possible on the Mexican side of the border.


Two miles east of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, Otay Mesa, California.



From San Diego allow one hour to get there - last 5 minutes is on dirt roads. Use caution, avoid traveling alone, and notify an outside party of your departure and estimated arrival time for safety.  

From San Diego:
1. Take California State Route 94 Eastbound
2. Take exit 3 to merge onto Interstate 805 Southbound (11.5 mi)
3. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 1C to merge onto California State Route 905 Eastbound (5.3 mi)
4. Keep left at the fork to continue on CA-905 E/Otay Mesa Freeway (1.6 mi)
5. Enter Mexico at Otay Mesa border crossing
6. Continue onto Blvd. Garita de Otay (0.5 mi)
7. Use the right lane to take the ramp onto Blvd. de las Bellas Artes (1.9 mi)
7. Turn left onto Calle 12 Nte. (0.5 mi)
8. At border wall turn right onto Acceso a Línea SENTRI (0.7 mi)
7. Continue straight onto Nido de las Águilas in Escondido, Tijuana, México

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